Related Projects

These projects and the websites linked here are not affiliated with NotMyRobots.

AI Myths

“Whether it’s claims about AI revolutionizing the insurance industry or enabling Orwellian mass surveillance, everyone seems to be talking about ‘artificial intelligence’ these days. Unfortunately, much of this talk is riddled with myths, misconceptions and inaccuracies. The aim of this website is to help disentangle and debunk some of these misleading ideas.”

The website was put together as part of Daniel Leufer’s Mozilla Fellowship project, in collaboration with Alexa Steinbrück, Zuzana Liptakova, Kathryn Mueller, and Rachel Jang.

Better Images of AI

An open project which aims to showcase all methods of reimagining visual depictions of AI products, applications, concepts, and use. Collaboration between BBC R&D, We and AI, and several independent researchers and academics including Creative Technologist Alexa Steinbrück, AI Researcher Buse Çetin, Research Software Engineer Yadira Sanchez Benitez, Merve Hickok and Angela Kim.

Is Seeing Believing?

A collaborative art and design research project by Anne Trouillet Rogers and Lisa Talia Moretti that “explores public perceptions and understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through visual and nonvisual stimuli”.

KI & WIR* Convention – in German

“Die Digital-Convention zu mehr Vielfalt in und mit Künstlicher Intelligenz und sozialer Gerechtigkeit”, veranstaltet von science2public – Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftskommunikation e.V.


This Instagram account by Alberto Romele “explores the bad taste in representing Artificial Intelligence in science communication and marketing.”

Why is A.I. a feminist issue?

A project by Coding Rights in partnership with activist Paz Peña “seek [ing] to contribute to the development of a feminist toolkit to question algorithmic decisions making systems that are being deployed by the public sector”.